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Serving South Whidbey for 24 Years

About Us

I didn’t set out to start a pet sitting/dog walking company. Tricia’s Pet Care evolved and grew as I shared and extended loving, committed care to pets and animals all around me.
Today, Tricia’s Pet Care Team of Pet Care Professionals extends this commitment to you and your pet.

Service Area

TPC is based in Clinton, WA. We provide pet care for South Whidbey Island.

Insurance and Affiliation

TPC is licensed, bonded and fully insured to provide the best care possible for our clients and their pet kids and critters. TPC is a member of Pet Sitters International. TPC provides service 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days per year.

Tricia’s Pet Care Team Members

  • – Always Training
  • – Always Learning

Tricia’s team members are continuously developing their Professional Pet Care skills through being enrolled in PETSIT PRO. PETSIT PRO is an online course for dedicated Pet Care Professionals committed to learning and growing in their profession.

Becoming a TPC Client

When you become a TPC client it’s a lifetime commitment. We are your team of pet care providers forever! Never again worry about finding a pet care professional! Once a TPC client, always a TPC client.

Understanding the Team Approach–Questions and Answers about Tricia’s Pet Care Team

Q: Why is Tricia’s Pet Care a Team of pet care providers?
A: Tricia’s Pet Care has been taking care of pets since the year 2000. As with any work that we do, there are days we are sick, have a car problem, unexpected illness or death of a family member, inclement weather–all the many things that arise in life that we all deal with. There’s nothing worse than being far away from home and getting “the call” that your pet care provider at home has an emergency and will not be taking care of your pet. You’ve got to rush home or frantically find a replacement to take care of your pets. That’s no way to spend your vacation! Tricia’ Pet Care Team cross trains at least two team members for your pet the entire time your pet is on our schedule. If your pet is on our schedule we have a minimum of two team members trained and available just for your pet.

Q: What are the advantages of the Team approach?
A: Seamless, uninterrupted care for your pet without exception! Regardless of any life circumstance that arises. Because you want the best of everything in life for your pet.

Q: Does this Team approach service cost more?
A: No. This added service is included in the base price.

Q: How is the Team approach different from other pet care providers/dog walkers?
A: Most pet care providers/dog walkers operate solo. If something happens to them–your pet will not receive its care–which leads to a stressed pet, your pet may break training, exhibit stress behaviours, it could ever be life-threatening if meds or injections are missed. Extra pairs of eyes, hands and several people to love and tend to your precious pet and outdoor critters. Does it get any better than that?

Q: Will I meet the Team members that will be taking care of my pets?
A: Absolutely! We set up a Team meeting before the pet care or overnight care begins so that you and your pets will meet Team members and know who will be taking care of your pet. Pets enjoy meeting new friends and caregivers in the presence of their family members. It’s calming and nuturing to them!

Q: When I pay for the pet care services is there a way to pay a tip or gratuity to my particular pet care providers?
A: Yes! When you pay make a note that the extra amount you’ve included is for a specific pet care professional.